My name is Ryan Neal and I am a proven backend developer with a passion for building and scaling backend systems




Often I joke that I get along better with computers than people, but in truth I try to be well balanced between the two. I am a passionate engineer and love to build challenging things while being inspired by those I work alongside. I have constantly sought out difficult problems because those are the ones that drive me to excel. Not just because of my fascination with new languages, tools, and frameworks but because I am excited to approach problems from a new perspective. I love the camaraderie, growth, and relief that come from working with a team on a seemingly insurmountable problem.


If I had to identify a superpower, architecting the solution would be mine. Problem solving is the critical ability of any engineer. I love to whiteboard out solutions; breaking the problem into build-able components.

Then I love to create, to actually go and build the components, bringing the project to life. I think of the systems and components in terms of capabilities, not features; what *could* it do versus what *does* it do.
I graduated from UCSB in 2008 with a background in Computer Engineering. This means I started looking for embedded systems jobs. After working right above the metal for a few years (e.g. cross compiling C/C++ libraries and the linux kernel) I decided that I wanted to move up the stack. This started a progression in my career taking me from working on the bare metal all the way to the web frontend.

This has given me a large breadth of experiences and shown that my strengths are supporting large scale applications. I have supported large webapps, analytic engines, developer tools and everything in between. I have been customer facing, which I quite enjoy, and locked in a closet with my computer to just build, which I also love. I have found that I am adaptable to the role required to keep the project going forward and revel in both the team and individual successes and challenges.



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